Who is Andre Courchesne ?

Professional experience
  • 25 years doing various electronic designs, re-engineering or integration
  • 21 years managing IP networks
  • 20 years using Linux for server and desktop applications
  • 18 years doing code at a professional level
  • 18 years using version control as a core key of the software development process(CVS, Git)
  • 16 years of technical support experience (on the phone and in the field)
  • 10 years working mainly remotely while keeping a strong work discipline, professionalism and ethics
  • 6 years experience managing customers projects of up to 5M$/year
Team management
  • 4 years managing a team of 4 1st level support technical
  • 2 years managing a team of 2 2nd level technical and 2 certified engineers
  • Strong believer of the following keys of engineering team management:
    • Daily stand-up and weekly 1-on-1 team management strategies
    • Knowledge sharing
    • Strict versioning using Git
    • Peer code/design reviews
Programming language experience
  • Ruby, Golang, C, Perl, Bash, x86 Assembly, PHP, HTML, HTML/CSS/JS/jQuery, Electron just to name a few languages I am deeply familiar with.
  • I use the language I feel will be the best for the task at hand
Hardware platform experience
  • x86
  • Arduino (Atmel)
  • RaspberryPi
  • BeagleBone
  • Onion Omega
  • Anything Linux and open-source
Professional views
  • Information sharing is the key to success
  • GitLab is an essential tool for engineering team management and project management.
    • Don’t work on something if there is no GitLab ticket for it.
    • Use shipit-cli (https://gitlab.com/intello/shipit-cli) so that all merge request are uniform.
    • Rebase and squash to before merge to maintain a clean head
    • Maintain a changeling using Semantic versioning
  • If you develop for Linux use Linux or macOS not Windows.
  • If it exists and it’s open-source and does 80% of what you need why re-invent it ? Add to it, use it and share it when ever possible.
  • Thrive on open-source, share it, embrace it.
  • Automatization for uniformity, avoid snow flakes (Ansible, scripts,…)


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