Saturday, March 17, 2018

Montreal Arduino/Maker boutique

This morning I was looking for a few parts for some projects and was going to head to KGE, but searching on Google I found Future & Energies which was about at the same driving distance.

Their web site is not transactional so you can't seem to buy a lot of their stock online. Since it was 9h50am and they were only opening at 10h00am I fired an e-mail asking if they had what I needed in stock. The answer came in at 10h40am which is a decent response time.

So I headed to Ville Lasalle hoping not to catch too much traffic on the Mercier bridge.

I was happily surprise at the shop I found. Small boutique filled with stock. Arduinos (clones mostly), Pi, components, 3D printer stuff, solar kits, name it.

Price were decent and I did not have to pay any shipping.

Give them a try if you need parts and electronics stuff:

          Future & Energies
              514 508 2144
          Opening hours:
              Lundi-vendredi : 10H à 18 h.
              Samedi : 10h  à 16h.
              5419 rue de Verdun H4H 1K6
              Montréal ,Qc , Canada

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Servo motor adapters

Yesterday a friend on twitter (@Cleo_Qc) asked me if I had references to servo motor shaft/teeth dimensions. I did not have but a few google search and I found some valuable links and documents:

First this post which outlines the "standard" names used by Hitec servos:

This lead me to this post on which gives details on some attachment standard:

If you have more reference on the subject, feel free to post them in comments below.

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