Montreal Advanced Design and Manufacturing Expo 2018

So I attended the the Montreal Advanced Design and Manufacturing Expo at Palais des congrès today.

Was not expecting much, attended out of curiosity. It was really aimed more at the factory automation and packaging business but managed to get to know a couple of sensors manufacturers as well as a Fab (PCB assembly) house that accepts prototype level quantities.

But what I was most disappointed about was the Palais des congrès wifi... On the expo floor I could not connect to the free wifi network from my iPhone of MacBook. It would simply not give me any IP address... The only wifi network that was working was a paid one, so I used one of my 5h of free Fido internet and tethered...

On the floor outside the expo area I managed to connect to the free wifi and get the portal page, but could not get pass it:

So I went over to one of the VanHoutte but it's wifi was locked and I was sitting down with my laptop so did not feel like going to the counter to ask for the password and leave my stuff unattended.

Luckily there was a TimHorton just in front and I was able to connect from there, but my PPTP (yeah I know) would not work...