Electronic courses notes - Logic 1

In 1988 (yeah that's a while back) I started my college studies at Vanier College in Ville St-Laurent, studying Digital System Technologies. I only 'lasted' 1 year there and switched to a french institution at the time called Institut d'Ordinique du Quebec (part of Cegep de Ste-Therese). I completed my studies there in Systemes Ordinees.

In a series of post I will be providing the notes taken and received during those courses I attended (well the ones I kept anyway) in PDF format for the benefit of all. Unfortunately for the english only readers only the Logic 1 and Logic 2 notes are available in english and the reminder will be mostly in french...

Please do not look too closely at my grades, I was not that good a student !

So this first share are the notes of the Logic 1 course. This course was intended to teach the fundamentals of binary logic, truth tables...

So have fun and I hope you learn something !

Logic 1 - VanierCollege