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Omega2 with Arduino Dock2 review

Ok, so this is a Kickstarter project (Kickstarter Link) that I backed in 2016. I opted for the Omega2 with the Arduino Dock 2 option cause I'm a big fan of Arduino ;-)
I got delivery of the unit on December 29th 2016 (a nick xmas present !). Loved the simple yes effective packaging:

As you can see they even took care or putting a label on the box with the device MAC address (the same label is on the device itself) which makes it easier to know the IP address from your DHCP logs.
As I said I opted for the Omega2 with the Arduino Dock. The pinout is 100% pin compatible with an Arduino Uno.

There is however one flaw... There are no, I mean zero mounting holes on the Arduino dock.

This means there is no way to tie a shield to the Arduino dock and/or tie the dock in an enclosure securely.
Setting up the unit was pretty straight forward. Like a ChromeCast the units boots in an access point mode broadcasting an SSID matching the last 2 bytes of it's MAC address. From there it's …