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Flashing the ESP-01 under OSX

Ok, there are a LOT of post on how to flash the ESP-01 with either Arduino, NodeMCU ou the AT command firmware. I have not found one that gave a full answer and especially not how to do it from an OSX computer.

First let's talk about wiring. As you know the ESP-01 is based on the Espressif ESP8266 chip and it's a 3.3v device and it's not 5v tolerant, DO NOT power it with 5v or put 5v to one of the of the pin, you risk frying your device.

I have used a Sparkfun 3.3v FTDI Basic ( This USB to serial adapter provides a 3.3v output (voltage and I/O). The following is the wiring diagram I have used:

And the corresponding schematic:

Once you have done this wiring, plug it in your computer, add a jumper on the "Mode" header and press the reset button. The device will enter a mode where it's ready re receive a firmware.
If you want to upload an Arduino sketch, simply use the Arduino GUI or to do so. Once done, remove…