Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Note de cours - Etudes en technologie des systèmes Ordinees - Logique 2

Dans les 2 posts précédents je vous ai partagé les seules notes que j'ai gardées de mon année d'études en "Digital system Technologies'" au collège Vannier.

Après cette année assez intense j'ai decider de revenir étudier dans une institution francophone, soit à l'Institut d'Ordinique du Québec (Cegep Lionel-Groulx à Ste-Therese).

Donc dans les prochains post je vais vous partager les notes de cours que j'ai conservé de mes 4 années d'études en technologie des systèmes Ordinees.

Sorry for you anglais only readers, but the remaining of the series will be in french.

Donc les premières notes sont du cours de Logique 2 qui était donné par Sylvain Guillemette.

Bonne lecture !

Logique 2 (part 1) - IOQ

Logique 2 (part 2) - IOQ

Logique 2 (part 3) - IOQ

Logique 2 (part 4) - IOQ

(p.s. Il me reste encore plusieurs pages a scanner sur ce cour, revenez voir dans quelque jours)

Electronic courses notes - Logic 2

Ok, following up on my electronic course class notes, the following is the Logic 2 course notes I took at Vanier College back in 1989.

The document is separated in 3 PDF files for easier downloading.

Logic 2 (part 1) - VanierCollege

Logic 2 (part 2) - VanierCollege

Logic 2 (part 3) - VanierCollege

Electronic courses notes - Logic 1

In 1988 (yeah that's a while back) I started my college studies at Vanier College in Ville St-Laurent, studying Digital System Technologies. I only 'lasted' 1 year there and switched to a french institution at the time called Institut d'Ordinique du Quebec (part of Cegep de Ste-Therese). I completed my studies there in Systemes Ordinees.

In a series of post I will be providing the notes taken and received during those courses I attended (well the ones I kept anyway) in PDF format for the benefit of all. Unfortunately for the english only readers only the Logic 1 and Logic 2 notes are available in english and the reminder will be mostly in french...

Please do not look too closely at my grades, I was not that good a student !

So this first share are the notes of the Logic 1 course. This course was intended to teach the fundamentals of binary logic, truth tables...

So have fun and I hope you learn something !

Logic 1 - VanierCollege